HeartSafe Community

The Nevada Project Heartbeat HeartSafe Community Program was envisioned as a way for communities to strengthen their local Chain of Survival and increase the survival rate for victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. This program recognizes the collective efforts of agencies and organizations to enhance and improve their pre-hospital system, increase awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, increase placement of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), increase availability of CPR/AED training, promote heart-healthy behaviors, and make their community a healthier place to live and visit. Do you live in a HeartSafe Community?

  • How likely is a victim of SCA to survive due to rapid access to life-saving treatment?
  • Are emergency operators able to provide instructions before police, fire, or EMS arrives?
  • How many residents and public safety officials recognize the symptoms of cardiac arrest and how to get help?
  • Does law enforcement in your community respond to emergencies, and are they trained in CPR/AED?
  • Are AEDs located in schools, municipal buildings?
  • Does your EMS providers have 12-lead EKG capability?

The answers to these questions could determine whether or not your community qualifies as a Nevada Project Heartbeat HeartSafe Community. To assess your community and apply for status as a HeartSafe Community please complete the HeartSafe Community Application.

HeartSafe Community Application